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Darnell Plays With Fire Darnell Plays With Fire

Rated 3 / 5 stars

OK i guess

This movie was alright but a bit cliched and sort of trying to make me laugh but its an already done and done better idea.

I'll give kudos to the first scene as I liked the direction but elsewise just no effort. There's too many piddly little things like this on the site already. Dont the guidelines say stuff about not submitting things you've made in 20 minutes?

Her and Mine 1001 Wishes Her and Mine 1001 Wishes

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Am I the only one?

Ok, to be straight I found this movie visually nice in areas and rushed in others. The music was really not my liking definately music to kill yourself to (sounding like an asian celine dion), this is forgivable given my housemates from asia listen to the backstreet boys and all sorts of really soppy droning music.

Otherwise I can't see why you'd sell the code to the flash given that it looks a little as though it was ported over from powerpoint. I'll give kudos for some of the image phasing but at some points it went overkill!

On a final note, I'm sorry I don't stay at home crying to 'made for TV' movies, but the similarities are unbearable. Yes I'm a bully but why not have made it 101 wishes I mean how many guys would seriously write more than 10 without the girl feeling he was a little lacking in his Y chromosomes.

It looks like you'll be getting a fair score for this but maybe you should try something different next time.

PALADIN episode 4 PALADIN episode 4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

100+ hours well invested!

I enjoyed this movie, I really didn't expect much with a crow that's voice was inpenetrably cheesy, I also didn't enjoy the soundtrack, the voice acting was well in sync and worked well as a whole. The backdrops were great, the character models good but not fully to my taste and the action scene really knocked this up a level completely, there was alot of intricate detail put into this submission and you deserve all the credit you get.

It did seem a little bare in places but as this was the effect I thought the whole flash was great. Just one little point though, I'm sure the crow says he's been through the caverns many times or something and was wondering just how its beak is still intact or is it a mutated super crow! ;)

Good luck in the future, hope my movies become as well animated as your own. :D

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Recent Game Reviews

Ninja Girl -Beta- Ninja Girl -Beta-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

fairly nice game

I played this game through to the second level and found it a little repetitive but I did like the manga style profile appearance when making the special move, also seems to lack fluidity and I could follow a boring set pattern to clear everything though the same could be said for ikaruga.

Anyways, nice work! I gotta learn how to make these flash games..

1pt Perspective Tutorial 1pt Perspective Tutorial

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nice to revise you art direction

I found this tutorial useful but not stretching the limits of my current novice mind. I did find it helpful but not in terms of developing in flash but in terms of remembering the basics of art.